Next litter expected Spring 2021!



Welcome to the wonderful world of spots!

Welcome to the wonderful world of spots!

Welcome to the wonderful world of spots! Welcome to the wonderful world of spots! Welcome to the wonderful world of spots!

Current Litter: The Tailed Beasts!



Our Tailed Beasts


Everest (AKC/CKC GCH Horizon's Wildest Dreams CGC, TKN) is a fantastic representation of the breed! We chose him for his substance in body, sound temperment, Head and a pedigree that worked well with Claire. We are extremely pleased to have been able to use him! Thanks Cindy, David and Becky!!



Our Tailed Beasts


Claire (CAN CH Echoviews Nu Gem For Clairity) is our first Dalmatian and we are so happy that she has turned out to be everything we hoped for! She is a typical protective dalmatian that loves her family and has turned out to be a fantastic mother! She loves to work and will be back out trying new things next Spring!


Our Tailed Beasts

Our Tailed Beasts

Our Tailed Beasts

Our tailed Beasts(anime theme) arrived Oct.6th/19. We have 9 beautiful puppies! 5 Liver (3 boys and 2 girls) and 4 Black (2 boys and 2 girls). We have 2 patched liver puppies with patches on their left eyes! They are absolutely adorable! Please feel free to follow us on Facebook!

About Us


Get to know us!

Information Station

Information Station

Hello! Welcome to Clairity Kennel! My name is Tiffany Shaw and along with my husband, and children we live in the highlands of Grey County! I have always had a dog. There isn't a time that I can recall ever not having a dog. When I was young we had mixed breeds. They were amazing dogs that shaped my love of dogs and they will forever hold a special place in my heart! I became introduced to the world of purebred dogs in 1996. My grandparents brought home a tiny mini schnauzer and I was hooked!  I joined the Canadian Kennel Club (CKC) in 1999. I helped show their schnauzers for a few years and became part of their breeding program before branching off on my own. My last litter of mini schnauzers was over 10 years ago. I registered my Kennel name in 2009 and in 2015 we decided to finally add another show dog to the family! We decided on the dalmatian because we wanted an active, medium, short haired dog that would keep up with our active life and the dalmatian fit our requirements.  We got our first dalmatian, Claire, in  January of 2017 and our Second Dal, Dom, arrived in July, 2018. 


Information Station

Information Station

Information Station

In 2015 we made the choice to move from town to the country. The dogs now have a big yard all  to themselves. 

Our dogs are raised on ProPlan Sport dog food. They also get the occasional farm fresh eggs on their food, which they love! 

At the age of 2 years our dogs go through their health testing and are registered on the OFA site for public reference. All puppies produced will be registered with the CKC, DNA tested,  BAER hear tested, vet checked , vaccinated and dewormed, microchipped and raised using the Puppy Culture system. All breeding stock will be breed  standard quality, Health tested and have CHIC #'s and results posted on the OFA website for public reference. 

We show our dogs to their championships in conformation through the CKC and are hoping to also start attending the UKC shows in the summer of 2020. We have taken agility, obedience, fitness, handling, lure coursing and sprinter classes with our dogs and Claire has obtained her Sprinter Novice. She will hopefully get her Sprinter title soon! We would love to try barn hunt, dock diving, scent detection and rally as soon as possible! Our first litter is due in the fall of 2019. We are extremely excited!


What are Dals like?

Information Station

What are Dals like?

All dalmatians are different and unique, just like people. That said they have  base uniqueness to them. They need lots of mental and physical stimulation and lots of socialization from a young age! They are a very active breed so not usually recommended for apartments unless you are a very active person/family. They LOVE their people! They are known as velcro dogs for a reason! Contrary to popular belief they are good with kids as long as the owners put in the time to train their children and dog!    Claire came to us in January 2017 from Echoview Kennels in Alberta, Canada. She has been our pride ever since! She loves our family and we love her! She is so intelligent, hard working and loyal! She is a bit of a princess but with the kids to spoil her she is always happy! Dom came to us in July 2018 from Laguna Dios Kennel, in Belarus . He is quite the character! His goofy, happy go lucky personality wins over everyone! He let's Claire run the show! They get along with our our Doberman, Standard Schnauzer and elderly Miniature Schnauzer. 

Meet the dogs!


CH. Echoviews NU Gem for Clairity CHIC #139036

Claire was born Nov. 20th 2016. She is from Echoview Kennels in Rocky Mountain House, Alberta to breeders Bonnie and John Hetherington. She is a little spitfire! Protective of her family, playful and loves to work! Completely owner handled!  She is great with our kids and has been shown a few times by my daughter in the show ring. 


Laguna Dios Dom Perignon

Dom was born April 11 2017. He was born in Belarus at Laguna Dios Kennels to breeder Nadzeya Melnikava in Minskij, Belarus. He is also owner handled working towards his championship! He has an amazing personality! So happy go lucky all the time! He fit right in. Loves the kids and loves to run the fence with our horses every day with our Standard schnauzer!


Our Pack

Before we had our Dalmatians we had family pets, Princess Jasmine (Doberman7.5 yrs) and Odin (Standard Schnauzer8.5 yrs). They all get along beautifully and their personalities blend together so well!

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